Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Abbey's Birthday

Abbey recently turned 5.  WOW that went super fast!

3 and a bit of those 5 years living happily gluten free.  Here are some images of another happy birthday that we would like to share with you. Enjoy!

New Scooter

Birthday BBQ Salads

Dolly Cake
The Birthday Watermelon
Inside Dolly
Mini Cupcakes

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hillarys Boat Harbour

and so.. school holidays are upon us.. lets doooooooooo something..

OK how about AQWA? (Perth's Underwater World as it was formerly known) we haven't been for eons and I'm sure the kids would LOVE it.  So off to Hillarys we went and it would have been SUPER AWESOME except for the fact that Ben had not had a sleep and so.. let the screaming begin <groan>.  It was like flying blind.. we should have KNOWN better.  Thinking that this little moment of hysteria would soon pass was madness BECAUSE IT DIDN'T..

Apologies to the other AQWA patrons for our mid afternoon performance. Yes it did continue FROM the car TO the aquarium.. no he DID NOT wish to get IN the stroller, madness ensued.. yes we dared to enter the CROWDED walkthrough acquarium - the largest in AUSTRALIA..
Had we lost our minds?? CLEARLY.  He would not be held, contained, consoled.. we were ever hopeful.  Masses of critical stares burning into every side of my skull.. EVEN FROM THE FISH. 

and then.. we were out.. FINALLY but.. please.. someone explain to me.. WHY must people stand in little groups right in the middle of a busy NARROW thoroughfare and even though I had a pained DISTRESSED expression and was clearly struggling with a STROLLER AND a SCREAMING almost 2 year old who was not going to CALM DOWN for anyone and there was clearly NO WAY past, did they CONTINUE having a little chat.. DEAR OH DEAR..

But ABOVE GROUND a hasty handball to dad did not resolve this hideous situation.. oh no.. and the poor starfish in the touchpool will be FOREVER scarred.  DO NOT lift the sea creatures above the surface of the water - Umm OOPS..  DO NOT SQUEEZE POKE OR BITE sea creatures - Umm OOPS.. <ok I embellsh slightly.. he did not bite anything>.  We made a hasty retreat.

Hungry anyone?? Of course!! Everyone was looking for a little nourishment after that ordeal.  Even Ben.. after all.. a nibble on a starfish was hardly satisfying.. but I digress..

The Sorrento Beach Shack was like an oasis in the desert, a needle in the haystack, a ..

OK OK so you get the idea.        

I am happy to report that their menu was extensive with quite a selection for the gluten free diner.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner AND CAKES!!

Plus these people understand gluten free requirements and careful food preparation. Could that be.. Silence?? No whingeing, great food and COFFEE?? Yes..

Food not music calmed the savage beast on this occasion. Thank you God  <I couldn't have handled much more this day>.  FINALLY peace was restored. Ahhhh that's better.

Open daily - check website for opening hours.
Located at Sorrento Quay, Hillarys Boat Harbour Western Australia