Friday, 30 November 2012

Leaping Liebsters.. I've been nominated

OK so earlier in the year a lovely lady I know nominated me for this Liebster thingy and although I was just a little bit excited to be nominated for.. well.. ANYTHING.. I was a little dubious about scammy virusy potential computer killers and the like..

I hadn't heard anything about this Liebster stuff.  My good friend GOOGLE couldn't tell me a great deal and so I decided in all of my internety (what? that's a word) wisdom to leave well enough alone.. and so I did.. well.. nothing   

Turns out that this Liebster thingy is actually a gesture of goodwill if you will.  Some friendly feedback.  A good honest pat on the back. A bit of the old 'I like what you do'.. pump up the old ego stuff.. it's all good.  AND my computer is still working. Phew! Thank God 

So first, thanks and apologies for being a big scaredy go to - Denise at Butterflybees and second to my able crafty friend and new blogger extraordinaire - Nikki at A Little Bit of Quiet for snapping me out of it and realising that it's all for the greater good of THE BLOG.

So what is this LIEBSTER thingy?

The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is to show new bloggers that they are appreciated, and to help spread the word about new blogs. 

There are a few rules that come with the award..

*Copy and paste the award onto your blog

*Link back to the blogger that gave you the award

*Choose 5 bloggers with under 200 followers (who you think deserve to be recognised) and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they've won the award!

Now, the basis of these RULES varied a smidge between my two nominators whereby Nikki had the additional suggestion that I share 11 random things about myself (yes that's right 11 - not 3 or 4.. 11) and then (yes and then..) answer 11 questions.. OK so I will indulge you, we can still be friends (for now) but you are pushing the envelope
11 Random Things About Me
My continual amazement in that my eldest son continues to place dirty laundry behind his bedroom door when the laundry basket is 12 steps from said door.. (yes I've counted)
More along the continual amazement vein.. Ben's first word was daddy, come to think of it.. so was Abbey's... hmm an evil vendetta against their mother?
I wonder why they call it glutinous rice when it contains no gluten..
I had no idea I had Coeliac Disease until after my daughter was diagnosed.  I was 39.  I am what you call asymptomatic
I love the smell of Pine O Cleen.. I don't sniff it directly from the bottle.. much
I hate cauliflower
and more along the the continual amazement vein.. how is it that Garrick can NEVER hear any of the kids cry out in the night.. EVER
I am a terrible procrastinator.. or a very good one
I'm a little bit anal about how I make the bed.. call that a hospital corner.. pffft..
I'm a white and one girl for both coffee and tea
I'm adopted :)
Nikki's questions for me
Is blogging what you thought it would be?  I guess.  It continues to surprise me that random people are interested in what I have to say.  The aim of my blog was to reach even just one person (hopefully more) that found themselves in the same boat and to help to lighten the load even just a little bit.  When Abb was diagnosed, it was all just a little overwhelming and I would have found something like this really helpful & supportive.  It was probably out there but I was a bit Internet challenged at the time..  things haven't changed much.. but the important thing is I am learning.. 
If you could choose any profession in the world, anything, what would it be?  A host on Getaway - that's a profession right?
Jeans and a t-shirt or a lovely dress? Sorry mum, jeans and a t-shirt all the way
Do you make your bed in the morning? derr..
How would you spend your perfect day? Laughing ALOT with Garrick and my perfectly behaved children
What do you like best about being a blogger?  I have a thing.  I mean it's my thing.  Garrick can have his Door Slammers game and his remote but this is mine. 
What is your most favourite food in all the world? lamb roast cliché I know.. lame even.. 
Who would you like to be trapped in an elevator with? Hmm good question.. Jim Carrey, Dexter Morgan, Jack Black, Jack Nicholson, Will Ferrell, Norman Bates (I'm kidding..what's that Mother....?), the guy out of The Notebook, err.. Garrick? That was a trick question right..
What's the craziest thing you have done in your life? Packed up our little family and moved across Australia to a little place called Mt Perry where I didn't know a soul.  Crazy?  No. Adventurous - yes.  A great decision as it turned out.  We made life-long friends there.  I loved it and the people were gorgeous.
What totally gives you the irrits?  Jai putting his dirty laundry behind his bedroom door
What are you wearing right now?  Surprisingly.. a lovely dress
 So there you have it.

There are so many great blogs out there. Here's my 5 nominations   Check them out why don't you.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Skewerz - Seek and You Will Find

I am finding (as I'm sure you are) that MANY places are offering more and more gluten free options every day.  If there is nothing indicating gluten free on the menu, don't despair.. there may well be gluten free options available or the establishment in many circumstances will accommodate your gluten free request and convert a menu option to gluten free or offer a gluten free alternative.  MOST places are accommodating because they want your patronage.  Hey we're still paying customers!!  and lets face it.. if you keep the customer happy & provide good service, then the customer is going to tell others about their pleasant dining experience.. you then become a 'returning' customer, you then return with friends, the establishment gains more customers.. yaddah yaddah yaddah

Such was the case recently when I took the initiative <yes blowing my own trumpet again> and contacted SKEWERZ head office to ask the burning questions..

If you haven't heard.. SKEWERZ offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine with not only traditional kebabz with fresh fillings but some new Mediterranean options including skewerz and tasty extras.

SKEWERZ were happy to hear from me and more than obliging to answer my questions.

So what I have learnt today I am happy to share with you here.

Both meats (the Doner and the chicken) used for kebabs contain gluten. (I know.. major bummer right?)  Optimal choices for the gluten impaired ( a term of endearment I use for myself but feel free to adopt) are the Garden or Greek Salads and the "skewerz".  Incidentally, the French dressing is gluten free. Now before you lash out... no there are not just salad options...

The skewerz are gluten free but only with the herb and garlic (mild or hot) or Moroccan.

Gluten free sauces include:

Sweet Chilli
Hot Chilli
Garlic Aioli
Smoky BBQ

The antipasto relish contains gluten

The bread products should never be on the grill or hot plate.

The halloumi and falafels are gluten free for a breadless kebab option - the Skewerz family refer to this option as the cheeky "naked kebab"

It is important to remember, that if you have a medical condition such as Coeliac Disease, you are gluten intolerant or have gluten sensitivity - where special care needs to be taken when preparing and serving your food - be sure to make the staff member aware of your dietary requirement when ordering. They are only human after all.. speak up people - they have only your best interests at heart.

Here in Perth you will find Skewerz at the following locations:

Garden City

Skewerz Kebabz