Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Focusing on a nutritious diet for our GF kids

A great article here and worth a read -

Don't forget that there are great GF substitutes for breadcrumbs such as rice crumbs or corn crumbs - some familiar ones from Orgran,
Caslare, or indeed GF bread crumbs - maybe try Macro wholefoods market brand or LifeStyle Bakery

Milo is not an option because of the barley it contains however what about Nestle's Chocolate Nesquik?

Massel do powdered and liquid stocks that are gluten free

Eskal do gluten free ice cream cones

and don't forget, a lot of products are gluten free by ingredient so it pays to make sure you are reading labels correctly.  The Coeliac Society of Australia is a great resource and individual states offer label reading workshops or supermarket tours.  Check them out.