Monday, 12 November 2012

Skewerz - Seek and You Will Find

I am finding (as I'm sure you are) that MANY places are offering more and more gluten free options every day.  If there is nothing indicating gluten free on the menu, don't despair.. there may well be gluten free options available or the establishment in many circumstances will accommodate your gluten free request and convert a menu option to gluten free or offer a gluten free alternative.  MOST places are accommodating because they want your patronage.  Hey we're still paying customers!!  and lets face it.. if you keep the customer happy & provide good service, then the customer is going to tell others about their pleasant dining experience.. you then become a 'returning' customer, you then return with friends, the establishment gains more customers.. yaddah yaddah yaddah

Such was the case recently when I took the initiative <yes blowing my own trumpet again> and contacted SKEWERZ head office to ask the burning questions..

If you haven't heard.. SKEWERZ offers authentic Mediterranean cuisine with not only traditional kebabz with fresh fillings but some new Mediterranean options including skewerz and tasty extras.

SKEWERZ were happy to hear from me and more than obliging to answer my questions.

So what I have learnt today I am happy to share with you here.

Both meats (the Doner and the chicken) used for kebabs contain gluten. (I know.. major bummer right?)  Optimal choices for the gluten impaired ( a term of endearment I use for myself but feel free to adopt) are the Garden or Greek Salads and the "skewerz".  Incidentally, the French dressing is gluten free. Now before you lash out... no there are not just salad options...

The skewerz are gluten free but only with the herb and garlic (mild or hot) or Moroccan.

Gluten free sauces include:

Sweet Chilli
Hot Chilli
Garlic Aioli
Smoky BBQ

The antipasto relish contains gluten

The bread products should never be on the grill or hot plate.

The halloumi and falafels are gluten free for a breadless kebab option - the Skewerz family refer to this option as the cheeky "naked kebab"

It is important to remember, that if you have a medical condition such as Coeliac Disease, you are gluten intolerant or have gluten sensitivity - where special care needs to be taken when preparing and serving your food - be sure to make the staff member aware of your dietary requirement when ordering. They are only human after all.. speak up people - they have only your best interests at heart.

Here in Perth you will find Skewerz at the following locations:

Garden City

Skewerz Kebabz