Friday, 28 September 2012

South Bound

Some great pals from sunny Queensland were headed in our general direction so we had planned to meet them at Albany and make our way back up the South West coast together.

The trip south was fairly uneventful considering we had on board a two year old (say no more), an unruly 5 year old and a teenager minus iPod (confiscated for reasons I will not enter into here..) Had Garrick and I gone completely mad? Clearly..

It was crazy windy on the journey down but it was sunny.. sadly that was the last of the sun for a few days.  Bummer.

Bad weather.. meh.. Nothing a few drinks and some shopping couldn't fix.

Those banana benders had arrived in their camper van from Kal.  How 4 girls and 1 fella ever survived in that confined space with so much luggage is a notable achievement. Rumour has it, it was the first and last camper van trip.. ha ha

Albany was.. well.. COLD! Brrrr.. good weather for eskimos.  Those Antarctic winds bounced off the Southern Ocean and straight through my bones - nothing a few drinks and some shopping couldn't fix though.. is there an echo in here? pffffft..

Some great eating spots in Albany for the gluten challenged out there..

Joop Thai
130 Lockyer Avenue, Centennial Park

a few options available at:
Venice Restaurant (menu link via 
179 York Street, Albany

Tanglehead Brewing Co.
Located within the White Star Hotel
72 Stirling Terrace, Albany

Tanglehead Brewing Co. was by far the standout for me during our stay - kid friendly, heaps of gluten free options, welcoming staff and great food.

Our journey continued along the South Coast Highway enjoying the beautiful countryside of Denmark, stopping to do the Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants, then onto Walpole, Pemberton and finally Margaret River.

What can you say about Margs that hasn't already been said before.  Quite simply, my favourite South West destination.  It is beautiful, it is gluten free friendly, it has a myriad of accommodation options and is home to some of the most outstanding wineries in the WORLD.

On this short stay, sadly only time to visit one.  Watershed  located on Bussell Highway was a perfect choice.  With a semi indoor playground to keep the kids entertained while we enjoyed a cheeky bottle of 2008 Cab Merlot, there was nothing to fault.  Beautiful surrounds, great company, sensational food including lots of gluten free options, it was a fantastic afternoon.

The Berry Farm

Settlers Tavern located at 114 Bussell Highway is always a sure bet for great food and a few bevvies.  So many gluten free options, kid friendly and always more than accommodating.  Throw in some shopping, a trip to The Berry Farm located at 43 Bessell Rd, Rosa Glen where everything is gluten free, some touristy stuff and a coffee or three and you have the perfect getaway.

A quick stop at Equinox Cafe Busselton on the way home proved to be a brilliant decision.  Heaps of gluten free options for breakfast including the most sensational home made gluten free bread I think I have ever tasted.  Located at 343 Queen Street, Busselton - you don't want to miss this one.

Busselton Jetty

Home again.  Back to reality for a while..  *sigh*