Monday, 28 January 2013


Australia Day. Celebrations of the lucky country kind.  Lamb. Lamingtons. AND Pav.
No BIG celebrations for us this year.  Just keeping it real  & on the down-low at Hart Central and visiting friends around the corner.

There was going to be a bit of a bake fest happening in my kitchen this Australia Day morning.  I make no apologies for the madness that ensued.  I had the cooking urge and I had it bad.  Lamingtons and Pavlova were on my agenda.  That and Triple J's Hottest 100.

Abb and I needed some sustenance to kick start our Aussie celebrations.  MIGHTYMITE - Vegemite's lesser known distant cousin.  WHAT? OK so it's not the Godfather of the spread world but it IS gluten free and it is Australian (and it actually tastes great not too bad). We eat it a lot actually.

I was on the hunt for the greater good of the gluten free girl (and guy).  I had scoured the Internet for hours OK maybe 10 minutes tops.  I was after some tried and true recipes and found a great one for the Pav.  I was on a mission to find a great lamington recipe.  I wanted to keep things simple.  I wanted to use ingredients that everyone (of the gluten free persuasion) would have in their pantry.  I didn't want anything too fancy schmancy otherwise people can't be bothered.  Let's be honest.  So then, amazingly (I know I need to get out more - <scratches brow> I say this often) my friend Laura sent me a link for those chocolaty coconuty pillows from heaven - it was like she channelled my inner lamington.  The funny thing is, Laura doesn't even have to eat gluten free and yet she is my eagle-eyed scout without even asking (Laura clearly you need to get out more..)

So two fab recipes later and here 'tis  (with pictures) - my baking bonanza, my mixing manifesto, my.. enough already.  Thank you for the Pav inspiration (make sure to use gluten free cornflour not wheaten cornflour if Coeliac or gluten intolerant) and thank you Move Nourish Believe for the lamington love.