Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Penne with mushroom, chicken & chorizo (with chilli & garlic pesto)

Quick dinner ideas.. yes please!

After a long day I'm afraid quick dinner prep is very appealing.   
Thing is, I have some fussy eaters in the ranks right now.  Ugh..

On the upside, the youngest of the crew requested sausages and salad and coincidentally, there winking at me from the fridge were some I had prepared earlier.  Sausages anyway.  
Leftovers are a Godsend sometimes aren't they? Yes Sir.

So that took all of about 5 minutes to prepare.  WINNING.

For the big kids (yes me included) PASTA was on the menu.  I drew a bit of inspiration from the fabulous Donna Hay and used a combination of store-bought and fresh ingredients to prepare the following super quick.  ENJOY!  


GF Penne Pasta
1 Tablespoon Oil - I like to use Rice Bran Oil
500g skinless chicken thigh fillets sliced into smaller pieces - You could use chicken breast here but I think the thigh fillet has more flavour
1 Chorizo sausage - I use HANS Deli Selection   
1 small punnet of sliced mushrooms
Chilli & Garlic Pesto - I used a store-bought pesto by Jamie Oliver which was gluten free by ingredient (always check labels carefully) - I used 1/2 of a 190g jar - and let me tell you, it had a bit of KICK.
Parsley and a quality Parmesan to serve

Prepare Penne Pasta according to packet directions
I used 250g San Remo Gluten Free Penne for this recipe but there are heaps of fabulous GF pastas available

While the pasta is cooking, brown your chicken pieces in a little oil on a medium/high heat.
When almost cooked through, add sliced chorizo sausage. 
Remain on this heat until chicken is cooked through and a good colour is achieved with the chorizo.
Add mushrooms.
Drain pasta and add to your chicken/sausage/mushroom mix reducing heat to a minimum.
Stir through pesto ensuring pasta is well coated.
Serve with freshly chopped parsley and a good parmesan.

Too easy. 

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