Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kez's Free Gluten Free Vienna Eclair Biscuits

mmmm Viennese Shortbread.. light fluffy, buttery, delicious.. I thought I had lost you forever my golden baked-good friend.  Life can be so cruel...

but wait..

Kez's have created a gluten free equivalent in their Kez's Free Range.  The Vienna Eclair Biscuit.
There is a GOD <enter choir of angels>

These are my all time FAVOURITE gluten free indulgence. A dainty double shortbread biscuit, jam sandwiched and chocolate dipped. 6 in a pack they won't last long (they don't in my house anyway *sigh*).

Selfishly, I have thought long and hard about divulging these little gems.. hahaha.. no seriously...
Feel like a treat?  You can't go past these!

Available in the health food aisle of Coles & Woolworths

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