Sunday, 4 March 2012

Marvellous Muesli

A random click on a link on the Internet led to a free sample of Brookfarm's Macadamia Muesli with Cranberries being sent to me recently.

For a split second, OK maybe just a moment longer.. my heart raced thinking I had won some marvellous prize in a competition I had forgotten I had entered.. OK so I was a little disappointed...

A few days later I decided to take a closer look at this strange little parcel of goodness lying abandoned on the counter. "Let's give it a go Tara" I said to myself, "OK lets!" I replied (I really need to get out more.. clearly I am enjoying my own company far too much..) and you know what?? It really was quite marvellous :)

Further investigation revealed that this muesli is an 'award winner' no less and who wants to argue with these kind of credentials?  Not me.  As far as muesli goes, this is really delicious.  With ingredients sourced from our own Australian soil including GF grains, sultanas, currants & pumpkin kernels lovingly combined with a little bush honey, how could they possibly go wrong.  Lightly toasted and a taste sensation.  All this AND no preservatives.

and what's more.. Brookfarm's own macadamias are cholesterol free.. what's not to like!

Available from selected IGA's, Gourmet Deli's, Fresh Produce Outlets and some health stores throughout Perth and country Western Australia as well as Australia wide, I recommend checking the website for your nearest stockist.