Monday, 9 September 2013

A little HIGH TEA frivolity

High Tea.  Good for the soul. Not so good for the waistline.. 
High Tea.  Time to catch up with your very best girlfriends and partake in a little merriment decorum.  Admit it ~ we are all guilty of the old "you know.. we really must catch up..." and NEVER do..  Why not?  Because life just gets in the way that's why. Plain and simple.  But it is a travesty. Really it is.  Laughter truly IS the best medicine.  We need it like we need air. AND we need tea and cakes and other tasty morsels.. 
High Tea.  alas.. no such thing exists for the coeliac amongst us.. ahhhh see.. that's where you're wrong..
It had come to my attention that an establishment in Victoria Park (Western Australia) put on a particularly lovely high tea and best of all, could cater to the gluten impaired. 
Not to sound crude but WAHOO!  'twas music to my ears I tell you. 

and so... my Coeliac and gluten intolerant compadres  ~ it was with great intestinal fortitude ( see what  did there .. )  I urged myself to delve deeper  ~ purely for the greater good of others of course..  It was a selfless quest ~ one that I humbly took on.. (strangely it wasn't that hard) and before I knew it, I was in over my head.  There was nothing else for it.. I was FORCED to make a booking. FORCED I tell you.

This quaint little establishment is called The Sassy Cookie 


Usage: N. American
1. Improperly forward or bold
= fresh, impertinent, imprudent,

   lippy, overbold, saucy, smart, wise

I love my word web dictionary app definition of sassy.  I was definitely in... and I knew just the improper riff-raff ladies to drag along
accompany me..

The Sassy Cookie
41 Duncan St, Victoria Park

Open Mon - Fri 8.00am - 4.00pm
Sat & Sun 9.00am - 4.00pm

High Tea only available on weekends

Offering morning and afternoon teas.  Their offerings and service are extremely popular so be sure to book ahead.  The Sassy Cookie's main range of cupcakes are also gluten free :)

A decadent range of teas, mouth watering macarons, tasty tarts and scrumptious scones just to mention a few of the delectable morsels on offer.  Starched white linen and impeccable table settings will transport you back to Victorian times where ladies often partook in these eloquent gatherings.  Naturally we fit right in ;)
Fab afternoon.  Lots of laughs. A little tea. Some cheeky bubbles and a bit of cake...
Good times..

It is important to note that The Sassy Cookie is not a 100% gluten free environment.

Although the gluten free cakes and some other food items are made from gluten free ingredients and great care is taken in prep and baking ~ The Sassy Cookie cannot guarantee the possibility of possible cross-contamination from other products in their kitchen..  However.. I am happy to report that this little Coeliac happily indulged and suffered no ill effects :)