Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Small wins

Sometimes it seems the universe is trying to speak to you and everything feels just a little unfair.. you feel a little hard done by.. 
Ever heard that expression.. "like pushing XXXX uphill"?

Mmm.. well... I've had that kind of a week but I've decided to focus on the little things - in between the chaos and calamity there's been a few small wins and that is what will see me through this week and into next.. and hopefully, I'll look back and have a chuckle about the week that was.

Even though the risotto dinner choice was unanimously UNPOPULAR with the wee folk in my house the other night ~ it meant delicious leftovers and plenty of it for me for lunch today.  SMALL WIN

Even though our heating problem is STILL not resolved 3 weeks later and it's freezing ~ the serviceman was a little cocky about the whole affair and didn't want to accept any responsibility preferring instead to "pass the buck" but tripped through the doorway walking back through my house and looked completely stupid (and I'm sure from his expression FELT the same).  SMALL WIN

Even though the rain has been non-stop and a bit dreary to say the least ~ all the kids toys and paraphernalia outside have been put away and so the backyard has remained neat and tidy and RESPECTABLE all week.  SMALL WIN

Even though I have had to wear very UNattractive flannies to bed, with a singlet underneath, with socks, a very thick dressing gown over top, then sheet, then doona, then coverlet {due to serious lack of heating} ~ I have had THE BEST sleep for the past few nights than I have had for the past few years. SMALL WIN

Even though it looked like all efforts at obtaining decent SPRINGSTEEN tickets for the Perth shows in February had been thwarted ~ a third show has been announced and hopes are again HIGH.  SMALL WIN

AND THEN. This afternoon whilst hurrying to collect Abbey from class and dodging showers, Ben tripped and fell. Right in front of me. That's when I accidentally stood on his hand.  Ouch. It REALLY hurt.. I could tell from the way it squished under my boot. There was that.. and then there were his screams that rang out across the schoolyard.. Call me intuitive.  AND YET he's still my friend. GO FIGURE. SMALL WIN right there.

I hope you're kicking goals this week.. 

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