Thursday, 4 April 2013

4 years on

I was reflecting this morning.. 

It's been 4 years on this gluten free gig and we're travelling OK
It's funny when you look back and think we were totally clueless about Coeliac Disease.  Coeliac Disease.. eww WHAT'S THAT??  Ignorant? I was the poster child for ignorant. Talk about being thrown in the deep end.. and now.. haha well, I can happily report our Coeliac-ness has become the norm.  We have embraced it like an annoying cousin. Hey this clown is NEVER LEAVING!! 

Gluten Free has come along way in the past 4 years.  For all of the gluten laden goodies out there there is at least one gluten-free equivalent - sometimes many!  It's true.  It means that my Coeliac girl doesn't have to miss out when others are indulging.  Quite often we spy those looking at Abb's gluten free spread with envy  ('tis true I tell you)  OK so I like to jazz things up to make her feel extra special. Why the hell not! and Abb.. well she is the picture of health and hey that's what it's all about isn't it?  Being a kid, feeling great.. LOVING your life even if it comes in a gluten free wrapper :)