Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Hart Bean Salad

This is the all-time fav in our house and has become really popular with friends asking for the recipe often.   Maybe it will become a fav with you too. I hope so :)

WARNING: There are no real measures here.  None with any scientific basis anyway. 


Steam some green beans until just cooked - I like to leave them with just a smidge of firmness definitely not limp - this would be a serious injustice

I use a punnet of green beans from WOOLWORTHS - use the whole lot.  You can buy a bag from COLES which has around the same amount. Too easy.

Dry Fry some natural Macadamias - a generous amount - if you're anything like me it will be QUITE generous.  I LOVE Macadamias (it's no secret) and our Aussie Macadamias are fantastic :)  Dry fry until they get a nice colour to them.
Fry some thinly sliced Gluten Free bacon - again a generous amount (to your taste really but why skimp on flavour).

Then gently combine everything. Add some crumbled Danish Feta just before serving. Voila!
It's so easy it's ridiculous.