Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lifestyle Bakery have done it again :)

When I read recently that there was a new soft white roll available from Lifestyle Bakery - I went weak at the knees.
OK so.. that was totally a lie but OMG how awesome!! - I was excited and I couldn't wait to try them.  I mean, I love their bread and so the rolls had to be unreal right? YES! and you know what?  Not just rolls people.  
Soft white delicious rolls with no weird gluten free aftertaste and they don't fall apart when you bite into them.  HALLELUJAH!  Yeah that's right - there's a serious contender in the bread aisle.. and that's not all.  Free steak knives? Nuh Uh.  WAY better..  Soft, white DINNER ROLLS.  NO!!!!!! OH YES!!

I can hear the Oohs and Aahs..  Don't fight it.  Feed your excitement.
I could feel a burger night coming on.  Home-made burgers are the Bomb.. and they are certainly well received in our house. A flavoursome pattie, a little lettuce, a slice of tomato, a cheeky slice of cheese, a splash of sauce.  Dynamite.  Not a peep at the dinner table - Golden moments indeed.

Yes the Lifestyle Bakery Soft'n'Light range has been extended to include white rolls, dinner rolls and pizza bases.  They really are deliciously good and I should know.  I've unashamedly tried them all.
What's more, all the products in the Soft'n'Light range are PRESERVATIVE FREE, low in saturated fat and 100% Australian owned.

My little people are under the weather today and so I knew appetites weren't at their hearty best however they still needed some sustenance in their wee tummies.  So although cheese and tomato isn't going to win me any Masterchef accolades, I knew this little combo would be eaten.  There is something to be said for keeping things simple sometimes.  I decided to use the Lifestyle Bakery Dinner Rolls instead of plain old sandwich bread - nothing wrong with a sanga but they have that every other day..

Who says you have to keep dinner rolls purely for a dinner accompaniment anyway?  These are perfect for little hands!

I used a cute little gingerbread man cookie cutter for the cheese.  It's about making things look appealing and fun for little tackers.  You want them to eat it don't you! 

While I was putting these together, it suddenly occurred to me that these cute  little dinner rolls would make the perfect platform for some awesome sliders.. YESSSS.  Oh the possibilities.  A post for another day..

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Lifestyle Bakery sent me the above products to try out.
All opinions expressed are my own.  I was not paid for this post.